Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Online

Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Online
Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Online

The full of suspense thriller drama serial Cheekh on aired its 6th episode and the play is now getting more and more interesting as the suspense in the play still sustains. – Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Online

Although we know the culprit has been revealed and Cheekh really isn’t a mystery of sorts but a story of fighting and standing for what’s right.

This intense drama has been very artfully penned by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah. Badar Mehmood’s direction is well centered on the story and never for a minute loses the interest of the audience.

Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Online
Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Online

We have to say, Bilal Abbas, as Wajih has outdone himself in all his previous performances, bringing across a power-packed character.

Mannat has her doubts pinned on Wajih, who has begun to seem extremely nervous under her Gaza.

Wajih starts overreacting which makes him even more suspicious as he starts complaining about Mannat’s reaction in such a whimsical way that even Baray Bhaiya is taking his side and starts taunting Mannat.

Well initially we were of the view that the police were cashing the scene but now it seems that Raja is Wajih in actuality!

Mannat has started doubting Wajih ever since the Police officer has repeated the exact words of Nayyab in front of Mannat “Raja Birhiya Nikla”.

It just clicks in Mannat’s mind the song she used to sing to tease Nayab “Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat” Mannat used to call Wajih as Raja.

However, it seems so odd that in such crucial condition Nayab instead of clearly naming Wajih referred to him metaphorically as Raja. People do not give metaphorical references to the Police.

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Wajih’s drunk friend Shariq equally seems suspicious as the way he looked at Nayab with lustful eyes seemed like he was the one who committed the sin. He also tried to follow her too on the stairs.

Well, who is the real culprit, it is still a mystery and Wajih’s reaction is making him more suspicious.

Wajih blames Shariq but then it is shown that Shariq calls Mannat and tells her his side of the story in which Wajih seems the culprit!

It seems that Mannat’s life is going to be difficult as she is alone in the house who is genuinely feeling the loss of Nayab and wants justice for her.

Even Haya wants to get out of the depressive mood and is trying to bring back life to the house.

Mannat tries to share her feelings of loss with her husband but it feels like he is already fed up of this topic! Moreover Nayab’s father harsh words disturbs her more where he is cursing her if she will not fight for Nayab’s Justice.

Life for Mannat is really going to be trial-some where she will have to fight alone for her beloved friend? Will she able to get Justice for Nayab?


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