National Hug Day and thinking of actors

National Hug Day and thinking of actors
National Hug Day and thinking of actors

Shivin Narang

A hug is a very warm feeling. The people you trust, the people you love, the people you want in your life, are the ones who you hug.

I have a habit of hugging people but not everyone. I only hug the people I like or the people who are close to me.

When I came to Mumbai, I really wanted to meet SRK and fortunately, I met him and he hugged me. I guess that was a very warm gesture from his side. So, I guess I have already hugged him and there is no one else I would want to hug.

National Hug Day and thinking of actors
National Hug Day and thinking of actors

Jason Shah

A hug from my mom or my friends makes me feel good. I hug my friends when I meet them, whenever I meet the people that I know; I greet them with a hug. I would like to hug Shah Rukh Khan because I just feel he needs a hug.


Moon Banerrjee

Hugging is a form of expressing love and is, in fact, a very powerful one. It exchanges energies in the purest and most compassionate way.

A hug straight from the heart can fix a lot of things. I don’t really have the habit of hugging people and I’m very particular about it.

It depends on my comfort and connect level but I hug my son all the time. His hug feels home and settled. A Bollywood celebrity I want to hug will be MR SHAH RUKH KHAN not because I’m a big admirer but I am curious to know what energy he carries with him.


Rehaan Roy

A hug is certainly an expression of your love and affection towards someone. For me, I love to hug people, who I love, be it my friends, my parents or someone special.

Hugs release a lot of stress. When I feel low, I really expect my loved ones to just come and hug me and it goes vice versa.

One hug that always makes me feel how blessed I am is when I come back home after work and hug my bachcha Murphy (My pet).

If given a choice to hug someone from Bollywood, it will certainly be Alia Bhatt as I think she is the cutest amongst all.

National Hug Day and thinking of actors
National Hug Day and thinking of actors

Saurabh Pandey

The value of hugging is precious; it’s very natural, organically, biologically and in every way. When you are full of emotions or love, all you want to do is become one with your loved ones by hugging them tightly.

So hugging is something really important as it keeps the joy and humanity alive. I am a huger; I hug as many people as I can. A Bollywood celebrity whom I would love to hug is Salman Khan.


Ansh Bagri

A hug is an expression of exchanging positive energy. It feels really good when someone hugs me when I am feeling low.

I do have a habit of hugging people who are close to me, for example, my family members or friends.

A Bollywood celebrity I wish to hug will be Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, because he is a legendary actor and I have always admired him for his work and the kind of person he is.


Tarun Khurana

The value of hugging in my life is spreading love and a feeling the warmth of a person’s aura.

I do have a habit of hugging people but only with them who are close to me, the people I know. A Bollywood celebrity that I would want to hug would be Deepika Padukone because I adore her.

I just want to hug her and tell her how beautiful she is.


Geetanjali Singh

Sometimes, all you need is a warm hug and all your problems, your stress disappear. It’s actually a therapy. You can tell the people you love that you love them without saying a thing, through your hugs.

I want to hug Irrfan Khan. I want him to be perfectly fine and resume work with more power. One hug is for Kangana. It’s said that ‘In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot’.

She says what she feels like and maybe because of that; she appears very lonely at times. So, I want to give her a big hug and say, ‘I really like you for speaking up your mind with such faith, more power to you girl and don’t worry things will be fine.

’ The last hug is for Shahrukh Khan because he is super cute.

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